3 October 2016

Safe Passage UK supporter Juliet Stevenson launches a series of films on refugees

Campaigner and Actress Juliet Stevenson launches Humans After All – a short film series featuring the people of Calais

Award winning actress Juliet Stevenson launches a series of profoundly touching short films telling the stories of refugees in Calais. The beautifully shot films can be viewed from the Safe Passage UK website here. The series is called Humans After All and features interviews taken with refugees in Calais over the last year.

The men, women and children in the films are from six countries including Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Kuwait, Sudan and Ethiopia. In order to protect the identities of the participants Stevenson shot only their hands. The result is mesmerising. Within the movements of fingers we witness the journeys of sorrow, fear and courage that each person has undertaken. An elderly man fidgets with a tissue, a ten year old girl picks at chipped nail polish, her youngl hands exposing the anxiety of her daily life, a mother’s hands wring, inconsolable with worry.

Please visit to see more of these haunting films and share them with your friends. As the camp at Calais undergoes closure these stories have become even more important to tell.