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Safe Passage UK works to provide unaccompanied child refugees in Europe with safe routes to sanctuary in the UK. Wherever possible, we also support vulnerable adults.

Safe Passage UK is a project of Citizens UK, which is a registered charity (charity number 1107264). Donations are taken via the Citizens UK bank account and the Just Giving website. Money donated to Safe Passage UK through Citizens UK’s Just Giving page goes directly to the Safe Passage fund.

If you’d like to make a donation (or to find out more about making one), please visit our Donations page.

Your donations will help fund Safe Passage work in Northern France, Greece, Italy and the UK.  This work includes identifying unaccompanied refugee children in Europe and their family in the UK, carrying out legal casework, establishing a system for processing the cases and working with UK Government and host authorities to ensure cases are processed to meet the best interests of the child. We will also be assisting vulnerable adults.

There are several different approaches. Firstly, our lawyers spend more than 10 hours on each asylum case, and much of this time is spent verifying the family link. They meet with all family members in the UK, as well as the children seeking asylum, and review the family witness statement (which details the relationship and the desire to be reunified).

As well as this, if a family member has status in the UK they will have been asked to list all their living family, which means the asylum-seeking child or vulnerable adult should already be known about. Another approach is to use DNA testing, where appropriate and legal.

In France, our team of field workers hold drop-in sessions in the Calais camp. We also build relationships with community leaders, who help us identify vulnerable children in the camps.

n Greece and Italy, refugee children are scattered throughout the country, often located in children’s homes, detention facilities, police holding cells, refugee camps, unofficial structures or on the streets. Our field worker identifies children by working with a range of partners, including children’s shelters, NGOs, refugee communities and volunteers.


No other UK-based NGO is doing what we are doing in Calais. There are vulnerable children in the camp who have a legal and moral right to be in the UK, which is why Safe Passage UK is operating there.

Officially, no-one is looking after the children. However, volunteers do daily checks on their health and well-being.

The Calais camp will soon be demolished. Despite this, we will continue to work to open up safe routes for unaccompanied children in Europe who have a legal right to claim asylum in the UK.

Our offices are outside the camp in Calais. We visit the camp often and run drop-in sessions for unaccompanied minors.

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About Us

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