Every person fleeing persecution should be able to access safe and legal routes to sanctuary but today millions of people fleeing conflict are trapped in harm’s way with no safe and legal way out.

Children are stuffed into suffocating lorries, families climb into sinking boats, desperate adults try to scale barbed wire fences. All in pursuit of something they often already have a legal right to: whether it’s to reach their family members or to be resettled away from conflict because of their extreme need.

Our mission is to open up these safe and legal routes to protection through advocacy, community organising and legal work. We will find a way to give everyone fleeing persecution safe passage.


Sarah Newton
Logistics and Finance Manager Consultant

Sarah is responsible for all our logistics and finance. As well as ensuring the well-being, safety and security of the Safe Passage UK team (both in the UK and abroad), she also handles our income, budgeting, reconciliation and expenditure.

Laura Griffiths
Senior Field Manager Consultant

Laura is responsible for managing, planning and delivering operations in all our field locations. Working alongside our Operations and Program Consultant, her work involves both the set up and wind down of locations – for example, in Calais.

Charlotte Morris
Communications and Media Consultant

Charlotte is in charge of communications and media. It’s her job to raise awareness of our organisation and engage external audiences with the work we do. In part, this involves managing our website and social media, and handling all press enquiries.

Andrea Clarke
Development Consultant

Andrea manages our stakeholder, community and investor engagement to deliver a programme of funding from major gifts, legacies, corporate support and foundation grants.

Natasha Tsangarides
Greek Field Coordinator

Based in Greece, Natasha’s role is to identify and locate people, mostly unaccompanied minors, who are eligible for family reunification in the UK. To do this, she is developing contacts and partnerships in the UK and Greece.

Rachel Phoenix
Family Reunion Coordinator

Rachel liaises with British lawyers, verifies the identity of UK-based family members and coordinates with our overseas staff. It’s her job to monitor each stage of the legal process and make sure the reunion of children and families happens as quickly as possible.

Rachel is currently on secondment with us from the British Red Cross.

Lucy Hunton
Logistics & Volunteer Coordinator Consultant

Lucy is responsible for overseeing the development of our volunteer programme. This includes coordinating the logistics surrounding the volunteers’ involvement so it best supports our casework programme.

Jack Wilson
UK Family Reunification Consultant

Jack’s job is to look after our clients from the moment they arrive in the UK. From finding them a solicitor to connecting them with education, healthcare and community activities.

Antonia Scott

Antonia is responsible for providing administrative support to the Senior Leadership Team of Safe Passage UK.  As well as managing external enquiries from the website and office landline number.

The photographs used on this website are reproduced with the kind permission of Lucy Mohr (Freelance Photojournalist), Lilian Simonsson and Roxanne Courtney.


Juliet Stevenson

Campaigner and Actress

Gonzalo Vargas Llosa


Lily Caprani

Unicef UK

Alex Fraser

Red Cross

Martha Mackenzie

Save the Children

Bishop Jonathan

Bishop of Southwark

Melanie Ward

International Rescue Committee

Claire Fourel


Fatima Al Ahmad

Volunteer Interpreter/Translator

Gillian Moyes

Save the Children

Oliver Pawle

Natasha Walters

Women for Refugee Women